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Samples of how to put pictures in the scrapbooks we sell.

I prefer to use glue dots to adhere the pictures to the scrapbook.  Glue dots adhere well to lots of different surfaces (glitter, embossed, shiny, etc.)  You can use mounting squares (double sided tape) if you prefer but you will only want to use mounting squares if the surface of the paper doesn't have glitter, embossing or a high shine.  You can get glue dots or mounting squares in the craft or scrapbook section of a store.  Below is a picture of the glue dots and mounting squares I personally use.  Please note that different manufacturers call them different things.  Some most common names are Glue Dots, Zots or Dodz.

Scrapbook Adhesives

Explosion Box Scrapbook

This scrapbook will hold 25 cropped pictures.
I use 4 x 6 pictures and cut them down.

I cut the pictures into 3 sizes...

3 1/4" x 3 1/4" for the large flap
3" x 3" for the medium flap
2 3/4" x 2 3/4" for the small flap

Put the pictures on the front and back of each flap on the inside of the book.  Make sure you don't cover the outside of the box.  You will notice that in 2 of the spots I didn't put a picture so my book only has 23 pictures in it.

Explosion Box Scrapbook


Squash Scrapbook

This scrapbook will hold 16 pictures.
I use 4 x 6 pictures and cut 4 with a straight edge and 12 with a triangle template.  You should have received this template when the book was purchased.  If you lost yours, you can cut a piece of cardstock in a 4" x 4" square and then cut it in half at the diagonal.

When cutting the 4 larger pictures, I just cut a little of each picture to make it fit in the square and leave a little border.

To cut the triangle pictures, take your picture and hold it on a window or somewhere that light will come through.  Then place the triangle on top of the picture and arrange it until you see what you want for the picture.  Trace the triangle on the picture and cut out.  The picture will fit perfectly in the spot and leave a little border.

Squash Scrapbook

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